How to get rid of pimples and acne with ingredients in your kitchen cabinets!

Getting rid of pimples has never been easier!

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Get rid of pimples and acne with ingredients found in your kitchen cabinets?

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The Beauty Industry has closely guarded this secret for decades. They didn’t want you to know that you could mix simple, inexpensive products that are probably in your kitchen cabinet right now that will get rid of pimples and acne!  They weren’t going to let their secret out of the bag because you would never need to buy their expensive products again.

Well wait no more!  Skin Care Magic has uncovered their secret and are willing to share it with you!  This unbelievable formula will clear up your pimples and acne, get rid of blemishes, uneven skin tones, patchy skin, and save you a fortune!  You’ll save hundreds of dollars on cleansers, makeup and prescriptions because you wont need them anymore!

Dry, scaly patches and large pores will appear much smaller.  Skin will develop a smoother more youthful appearance. You’ll finally know how to get rid of pimples on your back. Blemishes will be a thing of the past, and you probably have the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets right now! You could actually start getting rid of pimples within the next 5 minutes.

How Do These Product Work?

The ingredients when mixed together are formulated to perform three major tasks.

  1. Exfoliate: The mild abrasives in this formula gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

  2. Balance pH: This ingredient brings skin back to the natural balance nature intended for our skin.

  3. Soften: The softening agent leaves skin soft and smooth .

The edible products found at your local grocery store creates a bacteria free environment that stops the growth of blemishes, and makes this serious skin care formula one of the most effective treatments in getting rid of pimples on the market today! 

Benefits you’ll receive using Skin Care Magic!

  1. Start clearing your skin the first day.

  2. Make dry scaly patches disappear.

  3. Get rid of uneven skin tones.

  4. Save you hundreds of dollars on prescriptions cleansers, makeup and doctors visits.

  5. Give you smooth, clear, beautiful skin

Annual Costs for Cleansers, Prescriptions and Makeup.

Monthly Prescriptions $20 Co-Pay $240 Per Year
Annual Doctors Visit $25 $25
Makeup and Cleansers $10 Month $120 Per Year
Total Costs $385

You’re paying an incredible amount of money each year getting rid of pimples!  Skin Care Magic can save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime by empowering you with the “Secret Formula” you need to clear your skin for the rest of your life!  It’s simple to use and takes only 30 seconds, twice a day, to have clear skin forever and it’s made from ingredients you eat every day!  If getting rid of pimples will change the way you see yourself.

Skin Care Magic’s ingredients really work!  Listen to what those who have tried it say!

“I went to the grocery store and bought the inexpensive ingredients to get rid of pimples on my chest. The very first day the blemishes started to disappear!  My chest has never been this clear and smooth”. Michelle McCarty Louisville, KY.

“Three weeks after using the amazing products Skin Care Magic told me about the pores of my skin became considerably smaller.  I’m 58 years old and never dreamed my skin could look this young and smooth!”  Joyce Harden Huntsville, Alabama.

“The blemishes on my face almost instantly went away! I’ve been able to stop using the prescription drugs the doctor prescribed for my acne that was outrageously expensive!  Skin Care Magic’s magic formula not only is affordable, but has saved me a fortune in prescriptions!”  Vicky Wheatly Dusky, Iowa.

“I’m a teenager in high school and my face was a mess!  Skin Care Magic’s formula cleared up my face, which gave me tons of confidence I didn’t have before!  Thank You Skin Care Magic!  My life has changed!”  Tom Lagger Dupont, California.

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What you receive with your order.

You will receive within minutes the formula you need to start clearing your skin.  You probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets and can start clearing your skin starting today.  The ingredients in this formula are completely edible!  Once you know this amazing formula you’ll be able to keep your skin clear for the rest of your life!

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Getting rid of pimples has never been easier!

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